Work Packages

WP1: coordination and project management

WP2: Use cases and identification technologies

WP2.1. Intelligent Transport Systems

WP2.2. multimedia distribution 60GHz

WP2.3. The satellite in 5G networks

WP3: 5G análisis systems

WP3.1: Analysis methodologies 5G networks.

WP3.2: Simulation of vehicle-infrastructure communications in Smart Cities and ITS environments.

WP3.3: Simulation of 5G networks millimeter band

WP3.4: Simulation of satellite communications systems for 5G.

WP4: Channel propagation models

WP 4.1: Channel characterization of vehicle-infrastructure

WP 4.2: Satellite channel modeling propagation Q band

WP 4.3: Channel modeling for high-speed mobile communications band

WP5: receiver transmitter systems: processing techniques in baseband.

WP 5.1: Using advanced MIMO systems for intelligent transportation applications

WP 5.2: Technologies beamforming for reuse in areas of high traffic density.

WP 5.3: Techniques for interference mitigation in previous systems.

WP 6: RF Subsystems. Transmitters and receivers.

WP 6.1: Development of new techniques for designing filters in waveguide bands Q and V.

WP6.2 Development of transmitters, receivers and antenna systems control to satellite communications circuits in the band Q.

WP 7: Antenna technologies

WP 7.1: New antenna technologies for intelligent transport systems: MIMO Systems

WP 7.2: New technologies 60 GHz band antennas

WP 7.3: New technologies antennas for satellite communications in bands Q / V /W

WP 8: Dissemination of results

WP8.1 dissemination at conferences and seminars and magazines sectorWP8.2 Improving teacher quality. New technologies and methods developed in the

WP 8.3 Transfer of results to the business sector. Transfer of the results

WP8.4 Participation in standards committees and international networks.

WP8.5 Organization Workshops.