The participants in ENABLING-5G are consolidated Research Groups of “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid”, “Universidad de Vigo”, “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid” and “Universidad Pública de Navarra”, with extensive experience in the selected topics. The research trajectory of the participants is supported with a large number of publications, projects, PhD thesis… guaranteeing the success of the project.

Subproject 1:

  • Planning system for terrestrial communication and satellite links in the frequency bands Q/V/W
  • New antenna technology with steerable beam in the frequency bands Q/V/W: active and passive arrays, new reflectors configurations and new characterizations antennas techniques.
  • RF systems for Q/V/W frequency bands. For the above applications, new topologies, FR chains materials are studied, using metamaterials, MEMS devices, new transmission lines.

Subproject 2:

  • Channel modeling in these bands including MIMO systems and ultra-wide band to achieve high speeds (6Gbps) in high density areas.

Subproject 3:

  • Use of MIMO system advanced for intelligent transportation applications.
  • Beamforming technologies for spatial reuse in high traffic density area.
  • Techniques for interference mitigation in previous systems.