ENABLING-5G, has the general objective of:

“Innovation in radio technologies for the use of 5G in intelligent transport networks, multimedia distribution and backhaul through satellite technologies”.

The specific objectives are:

Development of innovations in radio technologies to improve the 5G performance on three case studies: intelligent transport networks, short range multimedia distribution and Access network through satellite links at millimeter wave frequencies. The actual technological developments will be:

a. Planning and simulation of radio communication systems in millimeter bands (WP3).

b. Modelling and measurement of radio channels, including the study of wide band channels in millimeter frequency bands and effect of advanced MIMO systems (WP4).

c. Signal processing algorithms in advanced MIMO systems, beamforming techniques and interference mitigation techniques (WP5).

d. Novel RF technologies and architectures for transmitters and receivers (WP6).

e. Novel antenna technologies in millimeter frequency bands, both active and passive with scanning capabilities. The tecnologies will be reflectors and array antennas (WP7).

Transfer of innovations to the Spanish business sector, in particular to the companies supporting the proposal (WP8).
Final evaluation of the results and analysis of their potential use to future applications covering the challenges for the Society of the Spanish Estrategy (WP2).

The expected result of the ENABLING-5G will pursue a significant impact in both a technological and a business level. The development of the 5G networks will be worlwide phenomena and multiple new services and applications will appear, linked to some of the technologies investigated in this project.