The project ENABLING-5G is proposed from the results obtained in the project SICOMORO (TEC-2011- 28789-C02- 01)  as an applied oriented research project to evaluate radio technologies in real scenarios to give a solution to the challenges of the future fifth generation communications systems (5G). The project is based on the following hypothesis:

  1. The new 5G systems will use frequency bands not exploited for consumer communications.
  2. The new 5G systems will extend to new environments, particularly communications for the intelligent transport, vehicles as air flights or railways, isolated areas or emergency situations.
  3. Radio technologies have to experience a consolidation process to cover the new needs of the society.

To guarentee feasible results, the project will offer solutions to the following case studies:

  • Intelligent transport networks (ITS) applied to vehicle-infraestructure in smart cities.
  • Multimedia distribution in 60GHz band, with the objective of the analysis of radio technologies and new propagation moedls for wide band and millimeter wave frequencies. The results will be ablied for the transmision of Gbps in indoor, vehicles and urban scenarios (picocells or femtocells).
  • The role of the satellite in 5G networks, studying in Q, V or W bands, techiques for satellite links in isolated areas, vehicles or emergency situations, and new antenna technologies.

research groups with high experience in the selected topics. The research trajectory of the participants, with a high number of publications, projects, PhD thesis…, guarantees the success of the project.

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